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     Hello there, my name is Tim Sitar.  I wanted to create this website so the whole family can see our family history.  My grandparents, Walter and Florence (Preston) Bennett lived in Morristown New York for many years.  The Bennett family lived in Saint Lawrence County from way back in the early days of the 1800's.  My great great grandparents, Francis Bennett and Catherine Bennett (maiden name of Trombly), came over from Canada sometime in the year of 1845.

     I hope that we can all learn about our family history, I know that I am still learning.  It is very important to know about our family heritage.  It is nice to know who they are, where they came from, where they lived.  From this website, maybe we can find family that we didn't know about, for example, who were all of Francis and Catherine Bennett's kids names, from the information that I came up with, I only found out a few out of 10 children that they had.  We have a huge family, and we only know a small portion of our family.  

    The main purpose of this website is to try to connect our family together.  Hopefully somebody from the Bennett family, that we don't know will see this website and contact me.  There are many other family names that are connected with the Bennett Family.  Couple of them is from Canada, Rousseau and Trombly familys.  Rousseau name that I have is our great great grandfather mother's maiden last name, her whole name is Mary Ann Rousseau Bennett.

     The Preston side of the family is also very large. 

     I will be adding the Sitar family very soon, I have a lot of information on the Sitar family as well as the Everhart family.  I also have some very old pictures that goes way back to my great grandmother, Bertha Landon.

     I will also be adding the Everhart Family.  A little to be surprise, I found out that there is a link where a Everhart family member married into the Preston side of the family, I will let you know more later as soon as I get all the facts.

    Please check out the links that are to the left.  I hope that everyone will enjoy this website, and who knows, maybe we will connect with our lost relatives.  

    If you need to contact me, my E-Mail address is: or (



 P.S.    This website is still under construction, I will add more information as soon as I can, so keep checking.