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               I am going to start the family history with Francis & Catherine Bennett.






Francis Bennett

Born: March 9, 1790           Place of Birth:  Coteau,  Quebec,   Canada

Died:  February 3, 1901       Place of Death:  Massena, New York


Father:  Francis Bennett

Mother:  Mary Ann Rousseau




Catherine Bennett   Maiden Last Name:  Trombley

Born:  March 22, 1824           Place of Birth:   Prescott,  Ontario,  Canada

Died:  June 3, 1913                   Place of Death:  Norfolk, NY


Father:  Ignace Trombley

Mother:  Marie Isabelle Massie


April 29, 1845, when they got married.  The marriage ceremony was performed at St. Raphael, in Glangarry county, Ontario, by Rev. Farther McDonald.


They had 10 children, I do not have all 10, I am working on it.  Here is what I do have:

 1) Mary Ann Bennett (Clark)       Born: May 3, 1846                     Died: January 18, 1929

     Note: She was born in Charlottenburg, Ontario - Canada

     Spouse : Lewis Clark

 2) Catherine Bennett (Johnson)      Born: July 8,1850                 Died:  April 21, 1953

       Spouse: William Johnson 

       Note:  She was born at Charlotterburg, Cornwall  .... Ontario 

 3) Angus Bennett          Born:  ???????????            Died:  ??????????

 4) Frank (Francis) Bennett          Born: July 26, 1853          Died: December 27, 1943

 5) James Bennett                          Born:                                       Died:

 6) John Bennett                            Born: July 1858                       Died:                  

 7) Emma Bennett (Twist)         Born: July,  1861              Died: January 30, 1940

     Spouse: Robert J. Twist

 8) Joseph Bennett        Born: April 3, 1864               Died:  October 14, 1937 

 9) Elizabeth (Libbie) Bennett   Born:  April 5, 1868          Died: January 18, ____

    ** Spouse: Archie Elliott


Below is a picture of Lewis & Mary Ann Bennett Clark.  I was able to get this photo from the website, where a family member of Lewis Clark side posted it on Ancestry.  Mary Ann Bennett was Francis & Catherine's first child that was born on May 3, 1846 in Charlottenburg, Ontario  -- Canada.



 Below are newspaper articles on Francis Bennett, the oldest living male in Nortern New York.


    The Free Press - Wednesday - September 19, 1893

         St. Lawrence Plaindealer -  Wednesday - July 27, 1898

  The Malone Farmer - Malone,NY - Weds. March 14, 1900



 Francis Bennett Obituary - Watertown Daily Times - Saturday - February 9, 1901

To view this better, right click, select "save picture as", save it on your computer, go to it where you save it, double click it and use your computer to enlarge so you can read it better.