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    This section is about my great grandparents.

There names are Franklin & Susan Bennett.  In the year 1880, they lived in Norfolk New York.  During that time, they had 5 childen.  According to the obituary of Jennie Bennett Hall, she is their oldest child, our great grandmother Susan Bennett was previous married to a James Carbineau.  First I thought that Carbineau was Susan Maiden last name, so from the information that I got from the obituary, now I don't know what Susan maiden name is.  If anyone out there has any information about Susan Bennett, please E-mail me.


Franklin Bennett is the son of Francis & Catherine Bennett.  He was born on July 26, 1853.  When I did research on him, I got confused on the year of his birth because on his headstone, it had the year of 1850, but the United States Census, I found out that the year on his headstone was incorrect.  The date that he died is correct.


Franklin Bennett

Born:  July 26, 1853         Died:  December 27, 1943

Susan Bennett         Former last name: Carbineau

Born:  May 1847                Died:  May 18, 1907

List Of Children:

Jennie C. Bennett(Carbineau)    Born:  August 1, 1869          Died:  March 9, 1938 

       Note: Jennie married a Ammie Hall.


Jessie Bennett                            Born:  year 1873                      Died:  ?????

       Note:  Jessie married a Clarence Knowlton


Nellie Bennett                                           Born:  January 1876                              Died:    ????

         Note:  Nellie married a Frank Ward


Frank E. Bennett                                   Born:  April 1877                      Died:  Year 1949

         Note:  Frank married a Clara J. (Don't know maiden last name)


Walter J. Bennett              Born:  February 22, 1880                     Died: January 18, 1949

         Note:  Walter married a Nellie Hoyt sometime in the year of 1899

                       Nellie Hoyt Bennett died on April 13, 1922

                       Walter married a Florence A. Preston on January 24, 1924

                       Florence A. Preston Bennett died on July 6, 1986


Franklin Bennett married Minnie M. Cook on January 20, 1908

                     Note:  Minnie M. Cook Bennett died on June 6, 1953

                                   Franklin and Minnie did not have any children.

Minnie M. Cook was born on July 1, 1868 in Gouverneur, New York. She was a daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Edward Cook.

Below is Minnie Cook Bennett Obituary:

  Advance News - Ogdensburg, NY  Sunday - June 14, 1953