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Jennie C. Bennett Hall



Jennie C. Bennett Hall was the daughter of Franklin & Susan BennettFranklin is her step-father.  Jennie was born in London England, her parents at that time was James & Susan Carbineau.   After Jennie was born, Franklin & Susan got married in the year of 1873, this is about the same time her sister Jessie was born.  I don't know what happened to James Carbineau, he must of died sometime between 1869-1873.

Jennie C. Bennett Hall         Born: August 1, 1869           Died: March 9, 1938



                                  Note:  Jennie was married to Ammie Hall                                                                                   

                                 They got married sometime in the year of 1888

Ammie Hall                              Born: January, 1867               Died:  ???????

Jennie & Ammie had one son: 

Royal M. Hall                         Born: August, 1890                 Died:  ???????

            Note: Royal was married to Alice Robinson

Alice Robinson Bennett    Born: July, 1899                        Died:   ??????


Alton L. Hall                               Born: November 23, 1920                Died: February 1, 2000

                Note:  Alton was married to  ??????

Glenn Raymond Hall              Born: November 24, 1926           Died: September 28, 1953

                Note:  Glenn never married, he died when he was 26 years old. 


Kathryn Hall Farley                     Born:  ???????                               Died:   ???????

                     Note:  Kathryn was married to Chester Farley on April 9, 1954

Chester W. Farley                              Born:  March 23, 1905           Died: January, 1992