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Jessie Bennett Knowlton         Born: Year 1873                         Died:  March 22, 1927


Jessie Bennett Married Clarence Knowlton in the year of 1893.  In the year 1910, the United States Census showed that they had 5 children in which 4 are living.  Here are the 4 children.


Alvin Knowlton       Born:  year 1894                              Died:   ??????????

Floyd Knowlton       Born:  year 1899                            Died:   July 22, 1917

              Note:  Floyd died when he was only 18 years old, he drowned in Black Lake.


Earl Knowlton          Born:  year 1907                            Died:  ?????????????

Edna Knowlton         Born:  year 1908                            Died: ????????????