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Frank & Nellie Ward



Frank Ward            Born: October 1863                            Died:  ???????

Nellie Ward              Born: January 1876                                   Died:  ???????

Frank Ward & Nellie Bennett got married on July 3, 1893 by Rev. O.D. Moore

Frank Ward was from Black Lake and Miss Nellie Bennett was from Massena, NY


This is the newspaper clipping of their marriage.  The Free Press - Gouverneur, NY - Wednesday  July 19, 1893.


The two images above shows when they got married, and also when they got divorced on September 28, 1915.

On September 17, 1908, Frank Ward put a little article in The Hammond Advertiser, you will see below what it says.




Howard I. Ward     Born:  December 13, 1896                      Died:  October 1971

Wife: Bertha Bigelow   Born:  Year 1903                                      Died: Year 1958

                                           List of Howard and Bertha Ward children:


Margaret K. Ward    Born: December 3, 1928              Died:  March 24, 2007

Husband:   Leonard A. Greene


Homer Ward              Born: February 19, 1898                        Died:  April 1974

Wife: Carrie Preston     Born: June 13, 1892                                Died: July 21, 1979

Homer and Carrie was married on January 1, 1925

                                        List of Homer and Carrie Ward children:


Frances Bennett